April 21, 2007

My cup runneth over.

Catching up, taking naps, settling in. Today I ate homemade breakfast prepared by the man I love, then drove with him to Boulder to visit my P.O. box, then visited Tracy at the Farmer's market. Then lunch. Then home. Then nap. A fine use of a perfectly good Saturday. :) See what I mean? Wonderful. Now all I want is permanent employment.

I now have three jobs:
1) Temporary Henchman in a position very similar to my old job at M.L.U. ("Medium Large University").
2) Legal Clerk (on contract) for an attorney at a small law firm.
3) Assistant Instructor with an organization that teaches non-violent self-defense techniques to health care workers, professional cheerleaders, and girl-scouts.

Last week I finished a response to a Motion for Rule 11 sanctions in Federal Court. Learned several lessons including this: even very large, famous, and well-paid law firms do incompetent and/or unethical things. Thankfully, a motion for Rule 11 Sanctions is itself automatically subject to Rule 11 sanctions at the discretion of the Judge. See Fed. R. Civ. Pro. Rule 11, Comments.