May 24, 2008

Scott Fixed My Shoes

I found these at DSW - the Discount Shoe Warehouse. They had one of those wonderful yellow stickers on the box, for 80% off.

They are nearly perfect for work because they're black and have a very short heel. I can stand up in them for hours. After I wore them once or twice that silly/fabulous gold chain began the inevitable falling-off process. I grumbled and kept wearing them, constantly re-attaching the chain when no one was looking.

One morning Scott, the most wonderful man in the world, disappeared with them to a mysterious dark room in the basement, from whence soon came squeaking and a few short "bangs" with (presumably) a hammer. Then Scott reappeared, fixed shoes in hand! No more shall the silly/fabulous gold chain fall off in a consistently annoying manner! Scott is a star.

It's the little things that get me . . .

May 15, 2008

Family Matters

My uncle died last Tuesday. I got a nice letter from my cousins (apparently mailed the day before) in which we were exhorted to "go beyond the usual cards and flowers" to do something really special for him - send him a letter. So I started composing one for him in my head. It said only this:

"You and I both know what you did, but I forgive you. Thank you for what you gave to me. Have a nice trip."
With a strike-anywhere match enclosed, so he could destroy the evidence and what it might have wrongly suggested to prying eyes, after his death.

But then, oops, he died. I thought I was off the hook. But then my cousin asked me if I'd written a letter and I said I did but didn't have a chance to mail it in time. So my cousin asked me to send it anyway, because his Mom was collecting the letters in a memorial book. Erk! What should I do?? I'd rather just send a letter to my aunt.

May 4, 2008