December 27, 2007

Come-on-I-wanna- KwanzaaHanukKhristmas-ya

There was snow on Christmas day. It flew through the air in a frozen powdery mist from Scott's shovel while I watched from the front porch, shivering like the winter wimp I am.

The stockings were filled with chocolate, pecans, snowman earrings, gift certificates for automobile maintenance, pizza cutters, maple candies, and polar-bear socks from Dorothy's trip to the tundra this year.

We have been spending time with family and friends - reconnecting, meeting new people, and telling stories. My Christmas cards remain sitting in a box, unused and baleful. Don't worry guys - your day will come. Some time before Valentines Day, I promise . . .

December 13, 2007

The Cake

Did I mention? We found The Cake. It was at Whole Foods. (No, I didn't take this photo with my new camera phone. It's from the Whole Foods PR people.)

All natural ingredients, several flavors, muy delicioso, they can decorate in a wedding theme, and best of all . . . much less expensive than any of the other bakers we tried! Who knew?!

We're working on finding the right venue. Would love to use the Chautauqua Community House but we have more well-wishers than will fit inside. Scott and I will be tasting dinner options at the Chautauqua dining hall tonight. :)

December 10, 2007

New Phone

Scott gave me a new phone for my birthday - it's got everything, every bell and whistle. My old Verizon phone was soooo past retirement age. I'm delighted I can now check my e-mail when stuck in traffic. One of the great banes of my existence is the helplessness and guilt of being caught in a jam.

Another great feature: it has a camera! (Repressed artist within cackles with glee.)

Some of my handiwork so far:

Cappuccino Chez Hatchet. Merci, Hatchets!

Poster the kids made at my "Date Smart" class last week. Each foot is a "step" that each kid wants to take to "end dating violence." At this size it's not possible to read but at full size it's great for documenting what the kids were learning. I took this picture so our program coordinator could see how the class progressed. My favorite foot on this poster says simply "groceries!" (Because a trip to the grocery store is one of the surreptitious ways you can get away from violence at home, and call the police.)

Champagne with play-doh sculpture at Liz' birthday party.

Happy birthday, Liz!

(Artistically blurred, no? Very deep.)

Friends celebrating Liz.

For me this picture shows what this little camera is for: capturing the moment.

We had a lovely time.

Thank you, Scott. I love my new phone! You are a handsome jewel of the rarest quality.