December 20, 2006

Snow Day

Woke at 5:30. Then again to Scott's quiet exclamation "oh! No school today" in the darkness, at his desk. Crawled to my house at 10 to feed birds and collect laptop for a prolonged blizzard sleepover chez Scott. Found my car just two hours later enrobed in a snowdrift near a jack-knifed Ford and hapless Toyota. Escaped from downtown and crawled slowly back towards Himself. Now lazily meandering on line. Downloaded BitTorrent. Read some blogs. Did some research. Contemplating how best to get a library card to use the Sturm Law Library. $10 per day, plus parking. Undemocratic. CU Law Library is free, but . . . it's in Boulder. Issue(s): must audiotapes of secretly recorded conversations be disclosed in a civil case, if used only for impeachment purposes? If so, can the party who failed to disclose them be sanctioned, and how?

Scott took this picture, btw. :)

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