November 14, 2007


Ashleigh Brilliant is cool. He's a funky, 1970's, hippie-esque artist who doesn't take anything particularly seriously, and I love that! Plus, I'm way into word-art.

Here's a great one-liner from "Pot Shots:"
"If you must keep groaning, please try to do it in a rhythm I can dance to."


Valerie said...

Totally OT - Ed and I are planning on getting on wow again. Are you guys still playing since you don't have two infants hanging around the house? Let us know when you get on!


Red Flashlight said...

Fantastic! We play alllll the time. When are you planning to log on?
We might not be playing characters you're acquainted with . . .

Valerie said...

Cool, it will probably be this weekend when we get on next. I'm still Starweed level 30 so we'll have to coordinate something.