March 12, 2009

Sophisticated Term of Art #1: LIES! (The first in a series.)

"In her response, Petitioner asserts that her 18-year-old son is still living at home. Considering she withdrew him from High School in February 2008, ejected him from her home at that time, and he is now incarcerated in County Jail on felony charges, Petitioner's assertion can only be described as a 'lie.' "

Why settle for such a simple little word when a gloriously obfuscating phraseology like "knowing misrepresentation" is available?



Maggie May said...


Anonymous said...

We're still waiting for the next in the series! :)

Adam said...

Yeah! In fact, perhaps we can swing a deal. I'll contribute to my blog if you contribute to yours?

And to sweeten the deal, there's no minimum number of words...

Now to the fine print. Does Facebook count?

Red Flashlight said...

Okay . . . really? No minimum number of words? That rocks. Hateful words of the day: nunc pro tunc. That's right, it's Latin. I'd better put that in a post.