April 29, 2009

It's Just Words, Baby.

Hateful words of the day: nunc pro tunc. That's right, it's Latin! Latin for "I'm not a very good attorney and I don't want my clients to find out so I'm going to use a bunch of useless Latin phrases to make my clients feel dumb!" Only other attorneys aren't fooled by this stupid tactic and, since the attorneys on the opposing side aren't allowed to talk to the other party except through his/her attorney, laypeople never have a chance to find out about this stupid tactic. (Situation not helped by the fact that criticism from the opposing attorney should be dismissed as a matter of course as self-serving claptrap.)

This calls for something soothing; something less painful but much more satisfying: art.


Anonymous said...

nunquam minus solus, quam cum solus. non omne licitum honestrum.

Silent Scream said...

Sounds like quite a day you must have had! You could always throw in little latin "jokes" when talking your clients to help lighten your mood :) semper ubi sub ubi? :)
btw - you are an amazing artist! Much more soothing - I agree :)

PSOTP said...

Et tu, Bruté?

Red Flashlight said...

Okay okay . . . my anger was misdirected. It's not Latin's fault. It's stupidity's fault.

Poor Latin is just misunderstood.